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Welcome to Hotel Saint Chick

Located on the Green Bukids (hills) of Tabon, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan is the secret garden of Hotel Saint Chick. With a direct awe-inspiring view of Boracay and a handful of other islands, like the house you grew up in, this is a home you will surely remember for ages. Hotel Saint Chick is centrally located between the two entry points of Boracay: Jetty Port during high season and Tabon Port during low season, a five minute walk to both locations, while the International Airport of Caticlan is just an additional five minutes away. But why walk when tricycle service can get you to where you want quicker than you can say "Mabuhay!"? Boracay is just 15 minutes away from your Holiday Home.

While Boracay has long been defined as the party island, the mainland of Panay is currently in development to become its artistic counterpart. Natural wonders with modern amenities abound. The waterfalls of Jawili, Agnaga, and Malumpati are the smaller, tropical kin of Yosemite. Visit the Nabaoy River, home to an organic farm, gourmet dining, and a chain-saw wielding artist whose work can be found throughout the world. Pristine wonders include Hinugtan Beach, Naasug, and Katunggan Mangrove. The latter of which was once the ancient home to an Ati-people kingdom, the true aboriginals of the Philippines. All of this activity can warm the body, so cool off in one of the many fresh water mountains cold springs of either Hurom-Hurom or Malumpati. Many of these places are closer than the gem of Boracay, while the furthest away is under an hour!

Indeed a view to remember, a garden to enjoy, and a quaint place to relax in, this is a true Holiday Home. You, your family and friends are all welcome to Hotel Saint Chick. An absolute paradise!

We also offer on a seasonal basis Yoga classes, Exercise classes and Dance classes.


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Hotel Saint Chick, Caticlan, PHILIPPINES.
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